522 Process Intensification by Process Integration

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
Crystal Ballroom C/D (Hilton Atlanta)
This session focuses on process integration as a method of process intensification. This involves combining multiple unit operations into one unit, or applying multiple technologies to the same task in a process to improve efficiency and cost. Successes in this area can reduce both capital and operating costs and move beyond constraints of traditional process units. Examples include hybridized unit operations combining reactor and separator technology.

Process Intensification & Microprocess Engineering

Shawn D. Feist
Email: sfeist@dow.com

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1:20 PM
(522c) Synthesis of Oxygenated Compounds Using the Simulated Moving Bed Reactor: Synthesis of the Acetal 1,1-Diethoxybutane
Nuno Graša, Mehabub Rahaman, Aida Delgado, Carla S. Pereira and Alirio Egidio Rodrigues

1:45 PM
(522d) Systematic Process Design and Operation of Intensified Processes
Seyed Soheil Mansouri, Jakob Kj°bsted Huusom, John M. Woodley and Rafiqul Gani
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