211 Rapid Characterization and Scale-Up of Downstream Processing for Biological Molecules

Monday, November 17, 2014: 3:15 PM
312 (Hilton Atlanta)
Speed to the clinic and ultimately, speed to market is a key success factor in a maturing biopharmaceutical industry. The session invites papers covering the development and application of new concepts, tools, and general approaches to accelerate downstream process development and characterize biological macromolecules. This includes, but is not limited to papers covering tools such as high-throughput screen technologies, accelerated downstream platform concepts, small scale model characterization, and tech transfer ways of working, as well as industrial case studies discussing accelerated development programs that balance speed and process performance.

Bio Separations
Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum (26)

Marty Siwak
Email: msiwak@jsrmicro.com

Gregory Frank
Email: gfrank@amgen.com

Kathleen Mihlbachler
Email: mihlbachler@yahoo.com

3:35 PM
(211b) Progress on a Mixed-Mode Hydrogel Membrane – a New Tool for Mab Purification
Xiaojiao Shang, Jim Stout, Renaud Jacquemart and Dharmesh Kanani

4:35 PM
(211e) Purification of Adenovirus Serotype 5 By Two-Column, Open-Loop, Size-Exclusion, Simulated Countercurrent Chromatography
José P. B. Mota, Pierregiuseppe Nestola, Ricardo J. S. Silva, Cristina Peixoto, Manuel J. T. Carrondo and Paula M. Alves
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