321 Crystallization Process Development

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 12:30 PM
Crystal Ballroom B/E (Hilton Atlanta)
Crystallization Process Development Crystallization is an industrially important unit operation for isolation and purification of a wide range of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Developing a crystallization process can be challenging, often complicated by multiple components and requirements that the solids are consistently isolated in the desired polymorphic forms, compounds, adducts, or solvates. Control of particle size distribution may be needed to avoid difficult filtrations or high impurity content. This session welcomes contributions related to theoretical as well as practical approaches to crystallization process development, including techniques and tools that can lead to more efficient development of robust crystallization processes. Case studies and examples of how commercial crystallization processes are developed, and papers which describe the design and operation of batch or continuous crystallization processes are particularly encouraged.

Process Research and Innovation
Solids Flow, Handling and Processing (03C)

James C. Marek
Email: james.marek@abbvie.com

Shawn D. Feist
Email: sfeist@dow.com

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12:35 PM
(321a) Impact of Seed Type on API Powder Property Control
Jason Sweeney, Brenda Remy, James Vernille, Stephen Guzikowski, Shawn Pack, Lotfi Derdour and Elizabeth Borgeson

12:55 PM
(321b) Continuous-Flow Tubular Crystallization in Slugs Spontaneously Induced By Hydrodynamics
Mo Jiang, Zhilong Zhu, Ernesto Jimenez, Charles D. Papageorgiou, Josh Waetzig, Andrew Hardy, Marianne Langston and Richard D. Braatz

1:15 PM
(321c) Design of Kinetically-Controlled Enzymatic Reactive Crystallization
Luis G. Encarnación-Gómez, Andreas S. Bommarius and Ronald W. Rousseau

1:55 PM
(321e) Developing Crystallization Options for Manufacturing
Derek Starkey and Jennifer Kuehne-Willmore
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