415 Poster Session: Bioseparations

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
This session includes poster papers addressing all aspects of bioseparations from initial capture (primary recovery) to polishing. Applications include all biomolecules.

Bio Separations

Allen Hersel
Email: hersela@trine.edu

Jingjing Wang
Email: jingjing_wang@brown.edu

(415c) Cell Separation Using Microfluidic Devices
Marisel De Jesus-Vega, Nese Orbey and Carol MF. Barry

(415e) Combined Effect of Saline and Organic Modifiers on HIC and Rpc Separation of Insulin Variants
Karolina Johansson, Søren Søndergaard Frederiksen, Marcus Degerman, Martin P. Breil, Jørgen Mollerup and Bernt Nilsson

(415g) Adsorption and Ion Exchange Processes for Cephamycin C Purification
Liliane Oliveira, Luciana Brites, Maritza Bustamante, Pier Parpot, Solange Mussatto, José Teixeira and Marlei Barboza

(415i) Biased Brownian Motion in Annular Capillaries
Abbas Motamedilamouki, Parvin Golbayani, J. Robby Sanders and Dr PEDRO E. Arce
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