226 Poster Session: Materials Engineering & Sciences (08A - Polymers)

Monday, November 17, 2014: 6:00 PM
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
This is the general poster session for the Materials Engineering & Sciences Division. Posters will be divided into separate areas for the division to allow all posters in a similar area to be clustered.

Materials Engineering and Sciences Division

Megan Robertson
Email: mlrobertson@uh.edu

Kevin Dorfman
Email: dorfman@umn.edu

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(226aa) Temperature-Triggered Shape Transformations in Layer-By-Layer Microtubes
Choonghyun Sung, Vidyasagar Ajay, Katelin Hearn and Jodie Lutkenhaus
File available
(226ac) Conductive Polyurethane with Different Carbon Filler Nanocomposites for Anticorrosion Application
Daowei Ding, Huige Wei, Qingliang He, T.C. Ho, Suying Wei and Zhanhu Guo

(226al) A General Mathemathical Programming Formulation for the Synthesis of Polimer Nanofibers
Julia Hernandez-Vargas, Janett Betzabe Gonzalez-Campos and José María Ponce-Ortega

(226ap) A Re-Examination of Strongly Confined DNA in Nanoslits
Douglas R. Tree, Wesley F. Reinhart and Kevin D. Dorfman

(226av) Modeling Oxygen Permeability in Biodegradable Polymer Films
Marshall McDonnell, Duncan Greeley, Kevin Kit and David Keffer

(226ax) Polar Monomer – Salt Complexes: Ionic Liquid-like Polymers through Simple Blending
W. Jeffrey Horne, Jason E. Bara, Matthew S. Shannon and John W. Whitley

(226b) Optimal Operating Policies for Producing Styrene and Methyl Methacrylate Copolymers Via RAFT Polymerization
Cecilia Fortunatti, Claudia Sarmoria, Adriana Brandolín and Mariano Asteasuain

(226bb) Polymer-Based Manufacturing of Microscale Fuel Cells
Adam S. Hollinger, Jason Williams and Gary Smith

(226bc) Mechanical Properties of Porous Polymer Separator for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Gennady Gor, John Cannarella, Xinyi Liu, Collen Leng, Jean-Herve Prevost and Craig B. Arnold

(226be) Long-Range Order in Solutions and Films of Poly(3-hexylthiophene): Role of Self-Assembly and Capillary Flow in Processing
Nabil Kleinhenz, Karthik Nayani, Sourav Chatterjee, Xujun Zhang, Mincheol Chang, Jamilah Middlebrooks, Jung Ok Park, Mohan Srinivasarao, Paul Russo and Elsa Reichmanis

(226bh) Time Delay of Abnormal Potential Change in Situ Polymerization of Polyaniline on Graphene Oxide Nanosheet
Wei Tang, Tianju Fan, Chunqiu Yuan, Songzhao Tong, Shenbin Mo, Chunyan Zhao, Jian Wang, Yidong Liu and Yong Min

(226bl) Tin Fluorophosphate Microfiber Manufacutred By Melt State Centrifugal Forcespinning
Yichen Fang, Matthew Herbert, David A. Schiraldi and Christopher J. Ellison

(226bm) A General Route to Prepare Metal-Organic-Framework Aerogel
Zhang Liu, Hao Chen, Wei Han and King Lun Yeung

(226bn) Patterning Thin Polymer Films By Photodirecting the Marangoni Effect Using Photosensitizers
Chae Bin Kim, Dustin W. Janes, Joshua M. Katzenstein, Dana L. McGuffin and Christopher J. Ellison

(226bo) Bio Based Active Barrier Material's and Package Development
Michael Miranda, Saleh A. Jabarin and Maria R. Coleman

(226br) Polymerization of Castor Oil in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Amber R. Tupper, Barbara A. Wheelden and Sunggyu Lee

(226g) Development of Novel Alternating Ionic Polyimides for Gas Separation Membranes
John D. Roveda, David A. Wallace, Matthew S. Shannon and Jason E. Bara

(226k) Quantitative Study on Branching Behavior in RAFT Copolymerization of a Vinyl/Divinyl System
Shao-Ning Liang, Xiaohui Li, Wen-Jun Wang, Bo-Geng Li and Shiping Zhu

(226l) Study of Block Copolymer Microphase Separation during Film Drying Using in-Situ SAXS
Alicia Pape, John A. Pople, Donald G. Baird and Stephen M. Martin

(226n) Pattern Density Multiplication of Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly Using a Chemoepitaxial Guiding Underlayer with Topography
Benjamin Nation, Andrew J. Peters, Richard A. Lawson, Peter J. Ludovice and Clifford L. Henderson

(226p) Sorption in Polyolefins: Equilibria, Diffusion and Morphology
Josef Chmelar, Alexandr Zubov, Richard Pokorny and Juraj Kosek

(226s) Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles in Poly(acrylic acid) Networks and Their Catalytic Activity
Jianjia Liu, Jie Wang, Xuhong Guo, Stephen Lincoln, Liang Yan and Duc-Truc Pham

(226u) Orientational Order of Rheologically Modified Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Processed By Multilayer Coextrusion
Zhenpeng Li, Zheng Zhou, Shannon Armstrong, Eric Baer, D. R. Paul and Christopher J. Ellison

(226w) Single Molecule Characterization of Dual-Colored DNA Comb Polymers
Danielle J. Mai, Amanda B. Marciel and Charles M. Schroeder

(226y) Reversible Patterning and Actuation of Hydrogels By Electrically Assisted Ionoprinting
Daniel Morales, Etienne Palleau, Michael D. Dickey and Orlin D. Velev

(226z) Fundamentals and Applications of Hydrogel Actuation By Electric Fields Towards Soft Robotic Components
Daniel Morales, Etienne Palleau, Bhuvnesh Bharti, Michael D. Dickey and Orlin D. Velev
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