521 Polymers for Energy Storage and Conversion

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 12:30 PM
International 10 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
Energy demand has risen quickly to be one of the major challenges facing mankind. Polymeric materials are poised to play an important role in many different aspects of energy storage and generation such as capacitors, fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics, and thermoelectrics. This session welcomes papers from a wide range of topics that generally involve the design, synthesis, characterization, processing, and application of polymeric materials in energy storage. ***Note to faculty candidates: please include a note to the session chair during submission to alert them to your status*** +++Note: this session will be sorted jointly with Conjugated Polymers. Authors may submit to either session.+++

Alternative Energy & Enabling Technologies (T4E)

Mark E. Roberts
Email: mrober9@clemson.edu

Gila E. Stein
Email: gestein@uh.edu

12:30 PM
(521a) Invited Talk: Hybrid Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Storage
Jodie Lutkenhaus, Ju-Won Jeon, Hyosung An, Jared Mike, Se Ra Kwon and Rafael Verduzco

1:00 PM
(521b) Solid-State Siloxane Polymer Electrolyte for Lithium-Air (O2) Batteries
Chibueze Amanchukwu, Yang Shao-Horn and Paula T. Hammond

1:30 PM
(521d) Morphology of Nanoscale Hydrated Channels and Water Management in Block Copolymer Electrolyte Membranes
Xi Chelsea Chen, David Wong, Sergey Yakovlev, Keith Beers, Kenneth H. Downing and Nitash P. Balsara

1:45 PM
(521e) Enabling High-Energy Density Supercapacitors with Conducting Polymer/Redox Biopolymer Composite Electrodes
Samuel Leguizamon, Kryssia P. Diaz, Julian Velez, Mark C. Thies and Mark E. Roberts

2:00 PM
(521f) Radical Polymers As Transparent Conductors in Organic Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Applications
Bryan W. Boudouris, Lizbeth Rostro, Aditya G. Baradwaj and Edward P. Tomlinson

2:30 PM

2:45 PM
(521i) Domain Compositions and Fullerene Aggregation Govern Charge Photogeneration in Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells
Sameer Vajjala Kesava, Zhuping Fei, Adam Rimshaw, John Asbury, Martin Heeney and Enrique D. Gomez
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