289 Synthesis and Applications of Oxide Materials

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 8:30 AM
International 8 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
Oxides have emerged as a diverse class of materials with which to engineer next generation electronic, photonic, spintronic, and magnetoelectronic devices. This session will cover recent fundamental and applied advances in the synthesis, structural characterization, interfacial phenomena, and device performance of these materials.

Electronics and Photonics

Jane Chang
Email: jpchang@seas.ucla.edu

Christiaan Richter
Email: cprche@rit.edu

8:30 AM
(289a) Crystalline SrHfO3 Grown Directly on Ge (001) By Atomic Layer Deposition for High-k Gate Oxides in Ge-Based Transistors
Martin D. McDaniel, Thong Ngo, Agham Posadas, Chengqing Hu, Sonali Chopra, Edward Yu, Alexander Demkov and John G. Ekerdt

9:42 AM
(289e) Epitaxial Growth of Fe3O4 Thin Film on SiC (0001)
Negar Hamedani Golshan and Katherine S. Ziemer

10:00 AM
(289f) Tungsten Trioxide/Zinc Tungstate Bilayers: Electrochromic Behaviors, Energy Storage and Electron Transfer
Huige Wei, Daowei Ding, Xingru Yan, Jiang Guo, Haoran Chen, Lu Shao, Suying Wei, Zhanhu Guo and Luyi Sun

10:18 AM
(289g) Nanoporous Silica Thin Film Coatings for Optical Devices
Tara M. Assi, Victoria Sun, Kelvin Kuo and Andrea M. Armani

10:36 AM
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