616 Biomimetic Materials

Thursday, November 20, 2014: 8:30 AM
International 9 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session will highlight recent activities in the field of biomimetic materials and systems. Topics include coordinating molecular recognition and interactions to design biological, biohybrid, and artificial materials that are structurally or functionally similar to biological structures. Further examples use biology in the rational design and engineering of materials. In particular, the focus of this session is on systems that mimic processes where the underlying biology and biomolecular principles are well understood. We invite topics with emphasis in drug delivery; cell adhesion, signaling, differentiation, and stimulation; tissue engineering and regenerative medicine; interfacial science and engineering; and materials science that involve materials consisting of (i) natural biological molecules such as proteins, oligonucleotides and polynucleotides, and/or unnatural biomolecules that have been assembled/synthesized by biological systems; (ii) hybrid structures of synthetic (e.g., polymeric chains, metal particles, etc.) and natural biological molecules (i.e., conjugated biomaterials); or (iii) materials consisting of man-made and/or in-vitro building blocks, such as synthetic polymers, unnatural amino acids and aptamers, templated materials, polymerosomes, etc.


Zhiqiang Cao
Email: zcao@wayne.edu

Vamsi K. Yadavalli
Email: vyadavalli@vcu.edu

8:30 AM
(616a) Biomimetic Coacervate Environments for Protein Analysis
Sarah L. Perry, Patrick McCall, Lorraine Leon, Dimitrios Priftis, Joseph R. Sachleben, Margaret L. Gardel, Tobin R. Sosnick and Matthew Tirrell

9:08 AM
(616c) Biomimetic Growth of a Pathologic Biomineral in Hydrogel Networks
Gopichand Mallam, Neethi Murali and Marina Tsianou

9:27 AM

10:24 AM
(616g) Applications of Proteolipobeads in 3D Ligand Display and Cellular Interactions
Eric Fried, Michelle Gupta, M. Lane Gilchrist and Steve Nicoll

10:43 AM
(616h) Antifouling Surfaces Inspired By Nature: Nuclear Pore Complex
Mirco Sorci, Ryo Hayama, Brian T. Chait, Michael Rout and Georges Belfort
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