169 Biomaterials: Faculty Candidates

Monday, November 17, 2014: 3:15 PM
International 7 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
Faculty candidates presenting research related to biomaterials. The purpose of this session is to give faculty candidates doing research in the area of biomaterials the choice to speak in a session that is near the beginning of the week.


Danielle Benoit
Email: benoit@bme.rochester.edu

April M. Kloxin
Email: akloxin@udel.edu

3:15 PM
(169a) Engineering Modular Delivery Vehicles Using Biomimetic Polyelectrolytes
Lorraine F. Leon Gibbons, Sarah L. Perry, Cheng-Hsiang Kuo, Dimitrios Priftis, Derek Wong, Yun Fang and Matthew Tirrell

3:31 PM

4:19 PM
(169e) Delivery of SDF-1α Lowers the Effective BMP-2 Dose for in Vivo Mineralization
Julianne L. Holloway, Henry Ma, Reena Rai and Jason A. Burdick

4:35 PM
(169f) Mechanically Dynamic Hydrogels for Probing Hepatic Stellate Cell Response in Fibrosis
Steven R. Caliari, Maryna Perepelyuk, Rebecca G. Wells and Jason A. Burdick

5:23 PM
(169i) Implantable Scaffolds to Engineer a Pre-Metastatic Niche for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer Metastasis
Shreyas Rao, Samira M. Azarin, Brian A. Aguado, Grace Bushnell, Jenna Stoehr, Jacqueline S. Jeruss and Lonnie D. Shea
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