545 Biomaterials for Immunological Applications

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 3:15 PM
International 7 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
This session will highlight recent advances in immunological applications of biomaterials. Submissions covering innate and adaptive immune strategies are all welcome. Relevant topics include (but are not limited to) novel biomaterial interactions with the immune system, biomaterials for vaccines or antimicrobial applications, immunosuppressive strategies, controlled release of immunomodulatory agents (including antigens, cytokines, chemokines, immunosuppressive agents, etc...), immune cell activation or differentiation strategies, biomimetic strategies, and detection strategies for immune function. Topics in cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune therapy, and generation of tolerance are also desirable.


Christopher Jewell
Email: cmjewell@umd.edu

Bret Ulery
Email: bulery@uchicago.edu

3:15 PM
(545a) Shape-Dependent Modulation of Immune Response to Pathogens
Sunny Kumar, Aaron C. Anselmo, Amrita Banerjee and Samir Mitragotri

4:09 PM
(545d) Surface Properties of Nanoparticle Vaccines for Potent Pulmonary Mucosal Immunity
Catherine A Fromen, Gregory R Robbins, Tammy W Shen, Marc P Kai, Jenny PY Ting and Joseph M DeSimone

4:27 PM
(545e) Polyanhydride Nanovaccine Platform for Viral Antigens
Julia Vela Ramirez, Lorraine Tygrett, Habtom Habte, Rajarshi Roychoudhury, Jihua Hao, Neil Greenspan, Nicola Pohl, Michael Cho, Thomas Waldschmidt and Balaji Narasimhan

4:45 PM
(545f) PAMAM Dendrimer As a Platform for Peptide Subunit Vaccine Delivery: Application in the Prevention of Chlamydia Trachomatis Infection
Ingrid Ganda, Qian Zhong, Mirabela Hali, Mariene Amorim, Izabel Carvalho, Ricardo L. C. Albuquerque Jr., Francine Padilha, Judith A. Whittum-Hudson and Sandro R. P. da Rocha

5:03 PM
(545g) Synthesis and Characterization of Chemically Modified Immunostimulatory Polysaccharide Serving Dual Function As Adjuvant and Protein Antigen Delivery Vehicle
Matthew D. Gallovic, Douglas G. Montjoy, Michael A. Collier, Shalini Gautam, Kevin J. Peine, Eric M. Bachelder and Kristy M. Ainslie
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