353 Synthetic Systems Biology

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 12:30 PM
204 (Hilton Atlanta)
Systems biology is the study of whole biological ensembles, rather than isolated parts, in order to build a predictive biological understanding of a defined system’s behavior. Synthetic biology has been defined as the design and construction of systems that exhibit complex dynamical or logical behavior. The intersection between these two fields is likely to significantly enhance efforts in design-based biological engineering and therefore greatly increase human capability. This session will cover current applications of systems biology theory and techniques to aid in the design of synthetic biological systems. In addition, efforts that apply synthetic biology research as new tools to expand systems-level understanding or as new concepts in systems biology are of interest.


Julius B. Lucks
Email: jblucks@cornell.edu

Yvonne Chen
Email: yvchen@ucla.edu

12:30 PM

12:48 PM
(353b) Rapidly Characterizing the Fast Dynamics of RNA Genetic Circuitry with Cell-Free Transcription-Translation (TX-TL) Systems
Melissa K. Takahashi, James Chappell, Clarmyra A. Hayes, Zachary Z. Sun, Jongmin Kim, Vipul Singhal, Kevin J. Spring, Shaima Al-Khabouri, Christopher P. Fall, Vincent Noireaux, Richard M. Murray and Julius B. Lucks

1:06 PM

1:24 PM
(353d) Towards the Construction of Synthetic Ribosomes in Vitro
Michael C. Jewett, Brian R. Fritz and Yi Liu

1:42 PM

2:24 PM
(353g) Construction of Programmable Cells to Prevent Infectious Diseases
Tatenda Shopera, Allison Hoynes-O'Connor, Cheryl Immethun, Kenneth Ng, Young Je Lee, William R. Henson and Tae Seok Moon
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