398966 Hierarchical Assembly of DNA Bio-Templated Nano-Wire and Nano-Tube Films for Lightweight Multi-Functional Materials

Monday, November 17, 2014
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
David Brown, Dept. of Chemistry and Life Science, US Military Academy, West Point, NY

DNA hydrogels can serve as 3-dimensional bio-templates for tunable nano-porous materials that serve both as electrochemical power sources and structural material. We present a general approach to 1) form a DNA hydrogel; 2) sensitize the DNA bio-template using catalytic palladium ions to mediate the electroless deposition; 3) synthesize 3-dimensional networks of copper and nickel nano-wire films via electroless deposition; 4) synthesize inorganic salt templated square cross-section nano-tubes that can be integrated into a hierarchal nano-material assembly. Such multi-functional electro-mechanical materials are envisioned to decrease the systems mass across a broad range of Army platforms and serve as a nano-architecture for other applications such as photovoltaics, catalytic systems, sensors, and energy absorption.

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