397337 Nature Inspired Tetherless Metallic Spiked Surfaces for Tissue Collection

Monday, November 17, 2014
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
Alex Abramson, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

We report the fabrication of an array of barbed metallic microspikes onto microdevices for the purpose of in vivo tissue biopsy, mimicking the spikes and barbs used for tissue attachment and breakthrough found on many pollen grains and seeds. By placing the biopsy mechanism on the outside of the device rather than housing the system internally, we create a functional tool that is small, cost effective and requires no method of activation. When fabricated from various metals such as nickel or gold at 10 um high, 20 um in diameter and 40 um apart, these spikes allow for over four times greater tissue collection compared to a smooth surface in vitro. Because the spikes contain magnetic properties, the microdevices may be easily collected via a magnet. This poster describes the fabrication process for the metallic spikes and details the results of an in vitro biopsy test on pig small intestine.

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