394787 Conceptual Design Study of CO2 Transportation and Injection Process

Monday, November 17, 2014
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
Yong Heon Kim1, Min Jun Kim1 and Myong Ho Park2, (1)E&P Technology Institute, Korea National Oil Corporation, An Yang, South Korea, (2)E&P Technology, Korea National Oil Corporation, An Yang, South Korea

KNOC plans to establish a system of CO2 transport and injection to a near-shore domestic Korea basin and an offshore basin in the future. This plan will be realized through optimized conceptual design of transport and injection process.

Aspen Hysys is used for process simulation from CO2 feed tank for this conceptual design study. Approximately 3,000 tons of CO2 will be annually provided for this pilot test process. Purity of CO2 stored in feed tank is about 95%.

Pipeline from CO2 feed tank is connected to platform topside process equipments. CO2 will be injected to the basin selected for this pilot test.

Flow assurance and risk analysis will be studied based on this designed process.

FEED design and detailed design will be performed through this study in the future. Finally, annually 3,000 tons of CO2 capacity will be operated based on this design package.

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