392225 Enhance Tray Anti-Fouling with Larger Tray Deck Openings

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 10:00 AM
301 (Hilton Atlanta)
Daniel R. Summers1, Mark W. Pilling2, Grzegorz Kamyszek3 and Celso Pajaro3, (1)Sulzer Chemtech USA, Inc., Tulsa, OK, (2)Sulzer Chemtech USA, Tulsa, OK, (3)Sulzer Chemtech USA, Inc, Tulsa, OK

Severe fouling services have been a problem in the Refining, Ethanol and Olefins Industry for decades.  It’s not a matter of eliminating the fouling, but rather how long can Operations prolong the interval between cleanings.  There are specialized packings (grids) that help with those applications that need low pressure drop, but for trayed applications, people are still looking for a device that can extend the operational life even further than before.  Grosserichter and Stichlmair pointed out in 2003 that larger openings are better. 


This paper will talk about Sulzer’s endeavor to take this philosophy to heart.  We will discuss how Sulzer is providing, to the above mentioned industries, a new type valve unit that has already exhibited outstanding results.

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