389168 A Safety Knowledge Base and Automatic Synthesis System for the SIS Design of Toxic Gas Facilities

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 10:10 AM
404 - 405 (Hilton Atlanta)
Dongil Shin, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Myongji University, Yongin, Gyeonggido, South Korea

As the use of toxic chemicals is being increased for the manufacturing of high value-added products, the number and loss from related acciedents are being increased globally. The proper design of safety-instrumented system (SIS) is a recommended way as a measure to prevent and safetly handle accidents related to hazadous chemicals. However, the design and validation of the SIS satisfying the required level of risk is not an easy task and requires lots of time and effort of experts. This research proposes an organized safety KB and automatic synthesis system for the SIS layout design for toxic-gas manufacturing, handling, and storage facilities. The safety KB encodes the design rules, regulatory codes, and best practices related to toxic gases. The prototype of developed system is validated against chlorine and ammonia cases, and the KB is being expanded to cover the toxic gases for semiconductor manufacturing.

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