388984 Desalinisation Process As Integrator Project in Chemical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Teaching

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 2:12 PM
M106 - M107 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
Nataly Agudelo1, Yurani Gutierrez2, Andres Olaya3, Andres Sastoque3, Gabriel Camargo1 and Rocio Sierra4, (1)MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, UNIVERSIDAD LIBRE, BOGOTA, Colombia, (2)ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING, UNIVERSIDAD LIBRE, Bogota, Colombia, (3)MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, UNIVERSIDAD LIBRE, Bogota, Colombia, (4)Chemical Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia


The challenge of potable water supplies involves several branches of the engineering profession and, of course, education. Courses such as, chemistry, physic, material balance, thermodynamics, numerical methods, simulation processes, properties of materials, heat transfer and phase equilibrium, among other, can be used for a specific project in the preparation of new engineers and young researchers.   

In the Universidad Libre’s Engineering Faculty exists a program of Young Researcher and is possible to develop common project between several departments, working with other Universities.  In this case a project for Develop and Design a system of low cost for water desolation using solar energy   has served for  to begin a series  of investigations and experiments to obtain data useful to formulate energetic and exergetics analysis  in the solar energy application in several prototypes of solar still. In the design step diverse polymeric materials has been tested. Properties such as viscosity and materials resistance have been measured. For the design and performance of heat transfer of the dome, in the solar still, SolidWorks and Ansys have been used.   The weather register has been recorder and the  Colombia solar map was used in the early stage of the  investigation. 

The solar process desolation will be compare with the reverse osmosis for the energetic and exergetics analysis.

This specific project may to use for teaching applied chemistry for mechanical engineering students without courses of this asignature in their curriculum and reinforce several thermodynamics concepts in other courses. 

The main objective of this investigation is to supply potable water to a small community in the Colombia Coastal

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