388552 Process Technology Development for Isocyanatoorganosilanes Production

Monday, November 17, 2014: 1:45 PM
Crystal Ballroom C/D (Hilton Atlanta)
Lina Zhao, Research & Development, Momentive Performance Materials, Friendly, WV

Isocyanatoorganosilanes are of great economic importance. They are industrially used as adhesion promoters between organic polymers and inorganic materials. The compounds are sometimes termed coupling agents or crosslinkers.

Commercial isocyanatoorganosilanes are primarily made via thermal cracking of corresponding carbamatoorganosilanes with alcohol as the by-product. There are numerous side reactions occur along with thermal cracking reaction causing low yield and low efficiency. Therefore, there has been great interest in an economic method for preparing isocyanatoorganosilanes in high yield and purities. Extensive research work has been done on Process Technology Development for Isocyanatoorganosilanes Production which led to many patent disclosures. A variety of aspects, such as, gas/liquid phase cracking, the type of reactors, catalytic or non-catalytic cracking reaction, and separation technologies, have been described in these patents in terms of process improvement.  This present work will summarize and review the patent trend for industrial isocyanatoorganosilanes production.  

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