384151 Going Deep with Biomolecular Engineering and Design

Monday, November 17, 2014: 1:24 PM
214 (Hilton Atlanta)
Tim Whitehead, Caitlin A. Kowalsky, Justin R. Klesmith, Mathew S. Bienick and Matthew Faber, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

This talk will highlight recent advances from my lab coupling DNA deep sequencing with biomolecular engineering and design. I will begin by describing a general method for the experimental determination of the single mutation fitness landscape of complete protein sequences. I will then show how this general method can be applied to multiple fields of biotechnological import. For antibody engineering, I will show how this method can be applied to finely map non-contiguous antibody epitopes that can be used to increase antibody specificity as well as predict escape mutants. For metabolic engineering, we have applied this method to map and optimize a catabolic pathway in living organisms for expedited processing of bio-oil. For diagnostic fields, I will show how this method can illuminate and switch the specificity determinants of binding proteins to different Gram-negative microorganisms, including Yersinia pestis.  Perspective about further integrating fitness landscapes with computational design will also be discussed.

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