382102 Optimization of Operating Conditions of Aerobic Digester for Effective Conversion of Biomass to Bio-Gas

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 9:45 AM
M103 (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)
Saima Suleman1, Muhammad Suleman Tahir2 and Sajid Mahmood1, (1)Biochemistry/ biotechnology, University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan, (2)Chemical engineering, University of Gujrat, University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan

Pakistan is facing energy crises from last 20 years and share of the bio-fuel in the energy mix is also negligible.  According to vision 2020 plan of Pakistan, share of alternative resources/ renewable will be 2,000MW out of 20,000 MW. Various biomasses are available but Conversion of biomass to bio-fuel at low cost is a challenge.

This paper investigates the yield of bio-gas from biomass (like molasses, fruit (banana, apple, water melon)/vegetable wastes, Fruit/vegetable peels, lignocelluloses material and dairy waste etc). Anaerobic digester (LS-26 102) is used to measure the bio-gas yield and concentration at various applied conditions like temperature, residence (time) and behavior of pH value and conductivity is recorded. Enhanced yield of bio-gas is recorded at 40 0C than 22 0C at similar other applied condition. An experimental investigation shows that conversion of all biomass at 40 0C for bio-gas formation is much higher than at 22 0C. Biogas yield for fruit and vegetable wastes is about 30-35% higher than peels of same fruits and vegetables. Increasing trend of conductivity is observed over the time which also confirms the change in Ph value (decreasing trend) and is according to the literature [1, 2].  Moreover yield of bio-gas at 40 0C, from molasses, fruit /vegetable waste, and peels of fruit / vegetable is compared. Results reveal that molasses produce higher volume of bio-gas than wastes of fruits/vegetable and peels etc under similar applied condition.

Regional potential of province of Punjab Pakistan is calculated for bio-gas from biomasses and 1500MW can be generated to achieve the vision 2020-25.

 [1] Sagagi,B. S., B. Garba and N. S. Usman Bayero, Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 2(1): 115 – 118 Received: October, 2008 Accepted: February, 2009, STUDIES ON BIOGAS PRODUCTION FROM FRUITS AND VEGETABLE WASTE


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