377570 Process Retrofit of LNG Regasification Based on Exergy Analysis

Monday, November 17, 2014: 3:15 PM
Crystal Ballroom B/E (Hilton Atlanta)
Seongho Park1, Chansaem Park2, Ikhwan Jung1, Jonggeol Na1, Kshetrimayum Krishnadash1 and Chonghun Han2, (1)Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, (2)School of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Retrofit designs of existing LNG regasification process are suggested. Conventional LNG regasification process is analyzed by exergy decomposition method, followed by the same analyses on three alternative processes. That is, four independent processes are designed, analyzed, and evaluated. Three of them, i.e., conventional LNG regasification process, dual Brayton cycle, and Organic Rankine Cycle, are based on the process presented in literature and the other one is newly integrated, retrofitted scheme for LNG regasification, with a gas-to-liquid (GTL) process. The overall rational exergetic efficiencies are, in order, 0.847, 0.890, 0.849, and 0.868, respectively.

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