370976 Research on Purification Theabrowns Extracted from Liubao Tea with Macroporous Resin

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
Yingzi He, College of Chemistry and life science, Guangxi Teachers Education University, nanning, China and Xiao Wang, college of chemistry and life,science, Guangxi Teachers education University, nanning, China

Abstract  In this  paper, five types macroporous resin D900, DM-301, ADS-17, S-8, D101 were selected to purify the theabrownin which extracted from GuangXi LiuBao Tea. The effects of Theabrownin solution concentration, pH value of solution, eluant type,eluant concentration, Sample velocity and eluent velocity were investigated. The results showed that when the solution concentration is 0.1mg/mL and the value of pH is 5, the adsorption effect is the best. Besides, used 50% ethanol as the eluant can reach the best elution effect.  Also, through the dynamic experiment the optimal extraction conditions were determined as follows: the sample velocity 1mL/min, eluent velocity 4mL/min.

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