367576 Bridging Heterogeneous Catalysis and Electrocatalysis:Catalytic Reactions Involving Oxygen

Monday, November 17, 2014: 9:20 AM
303 (Hilton Atlanta)
Umit S. Ozkan, Chemical & biomolecular Engineering, Ohio state university, Columbus, OH

Catalytic reactions that involve oxygen can be found in a large number of processes, including those in energy-related applications, in emission control and in processes important for the chemical industry.  Whether the catalytic reaction is an oxygen insertion step as in a selective oxidation reaction, or an oxygen removal step as in a hydrodeoxygenation reaction, oxygen has proven to be a very challenging component, often determining the selectivity of the reaction.  Some examples from our laboratories that bridge catalysis and electro-catalysis will be discussed, ranging from oxidative dehydrogenation of alkanes to oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells.

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