364257 Building an Excellent Entrepreneurial Team

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 3:40 PM
314 (Hilton Atlanta)
Marc Privitera, PreProcess, Inc, Walnut Creek, CA

An entrepreneurial team is built on excellence, confidence and passion.  All team members must be comfortable with chaos.  The cube farm mentality has to be destroyed.  The passion to change the world and make a difference has to be unleashed.  The recruiting relationship is built on the abnormal.  There is no room for conformity on an entrepreneurial team.  However, the same traits that make it great also tends to blow it apart.

Entrepreneurial engineering leaders are either superstars or oddballs.  Both traits are needed.  The team leader must find the mix of innovative off the wall creativity with the ability to drive fast-paced targets and get things done.  Decisions must be made on the fly without all the information, but the aspects of safety and ethics can never be compromised.  Innovation is unleashed by having mundane tasks taken out of the equation. 

An entrepreneurial team is a paradox.  Like the grand unified force theory, the moment you think you have handle on how it works, a new opportunity emerges and bang ! pivot to a new direction.

There is nothing more fulfilling, exciting or satisfying.

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