362186 Clarification of CHO Bioreactor (2-6 lpm) with Single Use Centrifuge-UnifugeŽ

Wednesday, November 19, 2014: 5:05 PM
206 (Hilton Atlanta)
David R. Richardson, Single Use systems, PSangelus, Clearwater, FL

Abstract Text:

The large scale economic collection of proteins is an important problem for the Biotechnology industry. Generally, proteins are produced by an engineered cell culture where a recombinant plasmid containing the gene for that protein is inserted. Separation of the desired protein from the fermentation broth poses challenges because cell populations have increased exponentially over the past decade

Advances in cell culture techniques have greatly increased the cell populations and titers of the target proteins in culture fluid. This increase in upstream efficiency has led to a bottleneck in midstream and downstream processing at the cell-harvest stage. Cell harvesting or clarification of the cell culture fluid is an necessary process.  When the product is extracellular (solubilized protein) , clarification is used to separate the product from the cells and cellular debris.  Most Biopharm companies today are seeking ways to integrate this single use technology (clarification/harvest) into the single use process path.

The UniFuge®   single use centrifuge fits very well into the “single use initiative” up to 1000 liter bioreactor.

This presentation will present case studies of the UniFuge®   to several cell harvest/clarification processes, and compare against filtration methods.

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