359037 The Center of Intelligent Life in the Universe and an Early Warning of a Threat to Humanity of Its Own Extinction

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Galleria Exhibit Hall (Hilton Atlanta)
Akbar F. Brinsmade, NSPE / AIChE, Biloxi, MS

The 97 year old author considers the issue of human population, reflecting on population growth through the ages, current technological development, and possible future inter-planetary expeditions.  An MIT graduate, professional chemical engineer, and member of AIChE for over 60 years, the author has designed and managed plants within the chemical, mining, and commercial industries.  He has also worked in the space program for numerous years, where he holds patents and is a published author.

As residents on Earth as part of the Solar System, in turn within the Milky Way Galaxy with billions of stars, everyone on Earth believes that we are surrounded by stars with generally habitable planets where super humans live.  But none of this is confirmed with incontrovertible evidence whatsoever, and as such it is utter fantasy.  This presentation details all of the aspects of the currently known location of all beings with intelligent Life we know of within our Milky Way Galaxy and Planet Earth.

Currently, Earth is the only location.  Communication with other planets potentially inhabited by intelligent Life beings is now, and shall be, difficult in the extreme.  Expectations are that it will involve searching for centuries into the future.

Ptolemy claimed in 150 AD that the Earth was at the Center of the Universe.  It took 18 centuries for his claim finally to be considered false by all Earthly beings.  Likewise, we now claim that Earth is the Center of Intelligent Life in the Universe.  It will be many centuries before this claim is overturned with the discovery of the respective incontrovertible evidence.

As we realized that growth of our World population in 1920 from 2 billion to a current 8 billion in 2013, or by a multiple of 4 times over a period of less than one century (93 years), continued world population growth at this rate would reach 32 billion sometime in the year 2114 (????).  But the current estimate of the limiting world population that would survive and continue to prosper using all the resources now available on Earth is in the neighborhood of 20 billion.  

Individuals and nations are currently ignorant and unconcerned about their procreation rate and the threat to Humanity about its own extinction.  It is time they awaken and become concerned about the possibility of catastrophe and disaster in exceeding the world population limit for intelligent Life beings on earth.

Upon reaching the world's limit, births and deaths should remain equal.  To do so, hopefully criminal massacre of newborns through abortion should not take place.  Many other civilized alternatives are available and should prevail.

AKBAR F. BRINSMADE, NSPE / AIChE, 486 Channel Mark Dr., Biloxi, MS  39531  abrinsmade@yahoo.com

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