356096 Cold Box Operational Problems Causing Significant Production Loss

Tuesday, November 18, 2014: 9:52 AM
Crystal Ballroom C/D (Hilton Atlanta)
Muhammad Hashim, Technical, Fatima Fertilizer Company Sadiqabad Pakistan, Sadiqabad, PR, Pakistan and Abdul Ghani, Technical, Fatima Fertilizer Company, Sadiqabad, Pakistan

significant Production Loss

From 23rd March to 30th December 2014 Fatima Fertilizer Cold box Operation became mystery for all team, TEAM faced Cold box frequent transition from Good Mode to Bad Mode Operation with unknown reasons causing significant Production Loss. Investigation on the basis of Why Tree Analysis was carried out and Root cause was identified. This paper describes how the problem was analyzed, the sequence of events, which tests were performed to rule out one by one all issues and how the key factor was eventually solved.

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