93 Undergraduate Student Poster Session: General Papers & Education

Monday, November 4, 2013: 10:00 AM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton)
One of nine student poster sessions.
Education (04)

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

Influence of Written Explanations on Multiple Choice Answer Selection in Energy Balances
Rachel M. White, Bill J. Brooks, Alec S. Bowen, Adam Z. Higgins and Milo D. Koretsky

Preparing for Harvesting Radioisotopes from FRIB
Scott D. Essenmacher, Kelly Petrasky, Nicholas R. Wozniak, Aranh Pen, Paul A. DeYoung and Graham F. Peaslee

The Effect of Particle Shape and Scale up on Just Suspended Impeller Speed
Matthew DiMattesa, Michele Marandola and Marc Izquierdo
File available
Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Laboratory-Scale Fermentors
John Birmingham III and Richard K. Grenville

A Comparison of Axial Dispersion Coefficents for Various Granular Materials
Agnesa Redere, Sara Koynov, Benjamin J. Glasser and Fernando J. Muzzio

Zero-Energy Determination: Confirmation of Vessel and Pipeline De-Energized State through Non-Invasive Techniques with Strain Gauges
Taufik Ridha, Dr. M Sam Mannan, William Pittman, Dr. Subramanya Nayak and Victor H. Carreto

A Comparison of Two Experimental Methods for Measuring Axial Dispersion Coefficient
Prashani Amin, Sara Koynov, Benjamin J. Glasser and Fernando J. Muzzio
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