156 Advanced Treatment for Water Reuse and Recycling II

Monday, November 4, 2013: 3:15 PM
Union Square 21 (Hilton)
Faced with the scarcity of natural sources of quality water for potable and industrial use, the alternative will be to reuse and recycle treated wastewater. In many cases, the cost of treating wastewater for reuse or recycle is less than other methods of production with the added advantage of preserving the environment. Water recycling is reusing treated wastewater for beneficial purposes such as agricultural, landscaping irrigation, industrial processes including advanced cooling systems, cooling tower, hydraulic fracturing (fracing), and so on. Both applied and fundamental contributions are sought in these areas of research and development from industries, municipalities, academia, and consultants on state-of-the-art water treatment processes such as ion-exchange, membrane separation, desalination, and chemical processes with conventional wastewater treatment processes including physical separations, chemical reactions, biological processes, tertiary treatment and advanced wastewater treatment.

Separations Division (02), Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)

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3:59 PM
(156c) Disinfection of Water By Adsorption Combined With Electrochemical Treatment
Syed N. Hussain, Nuria de Las Heras, Hafiz M. A. Asghar, Nigel W. Brown and Edward P. L. Roberts
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5:27 PM
(156g) Coagulation and Ultrafiltration of High-Alkalinity Greywater
Ted J. Amundsen, Dustin J. Zastrow and Andrew L. Wagner
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