122 Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems for Energy and Environmental Applications II

Monday, November 4, 2013: 12:30 PM
Golden Gate 8 (Hilton)
This session is designed to report on the latest advances in fluidization and fluid-particle systems for gasification and other biomass utilization systems. Specific topics may include, but are not limited to, gasification, biomass gasification, biomass conversion, hydrogen production, clean fossil fuel energy conversion systems, liquid fuel production, and chemical looping technology. Papers may be for experimental investigations or for CFD simulation of these various processes.

Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems

Camille Petit
Email: campetit@gmail.com

Scott G. Moffatt
Email: sgmoff@solutia.com

12:30 PM
(122a) Co-Gasification of Sewage Sludge and Biomass in a Fixed Bed Downdraft Gasifier
Xiuwu Jiang, Wei Gao, Yongpan Cheng, Koon Gee Neoh and Chi-Hwa Wang

12:49 PM
(122b) Sintering Inhibition of Fe-Based Fluidized Beds for Use in High Temperature Redox Reactions
Benjamin Greek, Nicholas AuYeung, Luca Imponenti and James Klausner

1:08 PM

1:27 PM

2:24 PM
(122g) Modeling Refractory Degradation Due to Slag Penetration in An Entrained-Flow Gasifier
Pratik Pednekar, Debangsu Bhattacharyya, Richard Turton and Raghunathan Rengaswamy

2:43 PM
(122h) A Gasification Characteristics of Indonesian Kideco Coal in a Segregated Fluidized Bed Gasifier
Gyoung Tae Jin, Seung-Yong Lee, Young CHeol Park, Jong-Ho Moon and Ho-Jung Ryu
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