299 Desalination and Water Management for Rural Communities

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 12:30 PM
Union Square 25 (Hilton)

Advanced Membrane Separation for Sustainability
Separations Division (02)

Abbas Ghassemi
Email: aghassem@nmsu.edu

John Peichel
Email: john.peichel@ge.com

Katie Guerra
Email: kguerra@usbr.gov

Leila Karimi
Email: lkarimi@nmsu.edu

Jim Loya
Email: jloya@nmsu.edu

David. A Rockstraw
Email: rockstraw@zianet.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

12:30 PM
(299a) Solar- Powered Reverse Osmosis Technology for Brackish Water : The State of The Art
Leili Abkar, Kwonit Mallick, Rafal Alshukri, Abbas Ghassemi and James Loya
File available
1:30 PM

1:45 PM
(299f) Impact of Silica in Water Treatment Technology
Fattaneh Naderi Behdani, Abbas Ghassemi and James Loya

2:00 PM

2:15 PM

2:30 PM
(299i) Flexible Desalination Systems for Variable Salinity Sources
Michelle Chapman, Frank Leitz and Andrew Tiffenbach
File available
2:45 PM
(299j) An Innovative, Environmentally Friendly, Low-Cost Desalination System
Goli Nossoni, Kiley Markes, Helmer Matinez, Alessandra Piazza, Mohammad Qasim and James P. Abulencia