50 Current Needs in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion

Monday, November 4, 2013: 8:30 AM
Van Ness (Hilton)
This session discusses current needs in electrochemical energy storage and conversion. Presentations will be by a combination of invited speakers and selected speakers.

Electrochemical Fundamentals
Interfacial Phenomena (01C), Alternative Energy and Fuel Cells (07F), Transport and Energy Processes (07), Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division (20), Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (22), Sustainable Energy (23C), Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment (TG)

Charles W. Monroe
Email: cwmonroe@umich.edu

Vijay Ramani
Email: ramani@iit.edu

8:30 AM
(50a) Crosslinked Anion Exchange Membranes for Redox Flow Batteries
Min-suk Jung, Janvier Parrondo, Christopher Arges and Vijay Ramani

8:55 AM

9:20 AM
(50c) Novel Pt/TixM1-xO2 Nanocatalysts for Fuel Cells
Bing Joe Hwang, Van Thi Thanh Ho, Chun-Jern Pan and Wei-Nien Su

10:10 AM
(50e) High-Performance Electrodes for Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Robert B. Kaspar, Michael Letterio, Kurt Jensen, Shuang Gu and Yushan Yan

10:35 AM
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