536 Crystallization of Pharmaceutical and Biological Molecules I

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 3:15 PM
Union Square 1 (Hilton)
This session welcomes papers addressing fundamental as well as applied studies in the area of crystallization of pharmaceutical or biological molecules. Topics related to experimental studies, theory and simulation that contribute to fundamental understanding of crystallization as well as industrial case studies on the crystallization development of pharmaceutical and biological compounds are encouraged. This session is typically split into Parts I and II.

Crystallization and Evaporation
Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum (26)

Sarah L. Perry
Email: perrys@uchicago.edu

Seth Huggins
Email: shuggins@amgen.com

Ryan C. Snyder
Email: ryan.snyder@bucknell.edu

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3:15 PM
(536a) Crystallization of L-Ascorbic Acid in a 18-L Airlift Crystallizer
Richard Lakerveld, Jeroen Van Krochten, Fatemeh Anisi, Andrzej I. Stankiewicz and Herman J. M. Kramer

4:05 PM
(536c) Tailoring Desired Powder Properties in Pharmaceutical Development By Crystal Engineering
Chenchi Wang, Michelle Mahoney, Zhongping Shi, Steve Wang, Steven Chan, Brenda Remy, Chris Sfouggatakis and Chiajen Lai
File available
4:30 PM
(536d) Morphology Control Through Cycles of Particle Breakage, Dissolution and Growth
Meenesh R. Singh, Hsien-Hsin Tung, Shailendra Bordawekar and Doraiswami Ramkrishna

4:55 PM
(536e) Controls of Transformation Between Amorphous and Crystal Ceftiofur Free Acid
Yuan Gao, Jingkang Wang, Yongli Wang, Qiuxiang Yin and Hongxun Hao
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