146 Research Frontier of Water Sustainability

Monday, November 4, 2013: 12:30 PM
Powell AB (Hilton)
This session provides a snapshot of the latest R&D development on production of fresh water, environmental pollution control of waste water discharge, and recycle of industrial process water. This is a platform for international exchange, participation, and collaboration.

Innovations of Green Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy and Environment
Separations Division (02), Sustainability (09g)

Tai Shung Chung
Email: chencts@nus.edu.sg

Lan Ying Jiang
Email: lanyingjiang99@hotmail.com

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

12:55 PM
(146b) Self-Heat Recuperative Seawater Desalination Process Using Fluidized Bed
Hiroyuki Mizuno, Yasuki Kansha, Masanori Ishizuka and Atsushi Tsutsumi
File available
1:45 PM
(146d) Bioremediation of Cu(II) Contaminated Aqueous Solution Using Acinetobactor Sp
Subhajit Majumder, Gayathri Gangadhar, Smita Raghuvanshi and Suresh Gupta