29 Water Sustainability and Integrated Water Resource Management I

Sunday, November 3, 2013: 3:30 PM
Union Square 21 (Hilton)
Water is the fundamental building block for human civilization and economic development. Unfortunately as populations and economies mature, water demand increases while the availability of this valuable resource remains nearly constant. Shortages often stimulate water use conflicts, both in terms of quantity and quality. Therefore, scientific efforts should be directed toward supporting water resources planning, policy making and management through the development of strategies that consider the problem of developing multiple sources and managing numerous uses (municipal, industrial, irrigation) of water so that, over time, more efficient water resource supply systems and use patterns emerge; all while maintaining or enhancing surface water quality. The objective of the session would be to bring together knowledgeable speakers to discuss the progress made on issues pertaining to Integrated water resource management and water sustainability.

Separations Division (02), Sustainability (09g), Sustainable Engineering Forum (23)

Tapas K. Das
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Dr. Robert W. Peters
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3:30 PM
(29a) Economic Evaluation of Freshwater Conservation Strategies for Thermoelectric Power Plants
Michael E. Walker, Ranjani B. Theregowda, Iman Safari, Javad Abbasian, Hamid Arastoopour, David A. Dzombak, Ming-Kai Hsieh and David C. Miller
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3:50 PM

5:10 PM
(29f) A Novel Method to Manage the Concentrate Disposal of Desalination Units
Saeid Aghahossein Shirazi, Alireza Saraeian, Jalal Rastegary and Abbas Ghassemi
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