464 Anisotropic Particles: Synthesis, Characterization, Modelling, Assembly, and Applications I

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 12:30 PM
Union Square 17 (Hilton)
Anisotropic colloids are particles that possess one or multiple anisotropies in the geometric, interfacial, compositional, or physical properties. Examples of anisotropic colloids include, but are not limited to Janus spheres, non-spherical particles, patchy particles, and colloidal clusters. Unlike their isotropic counterparts, anisotropic particles possess directional and re-configurable interactions. This session welcomes contributions for novel synthetic methods and fabrication techniques for making anisotropic particles in micro- or nano-scales; theoretical and experimental studies on the behavior of self- and directed assembly of anisotropic particles, and potential applications of anisotropic particles.

Interfacial Phenomena

Ali Mohraz
Email: mohraz@uci.edu

Ning Wu
Email: ningwu@mines.edu

Zhiyong Gu
Email: Zhiyong_Gu@uml.edu

12:30 PM
(464a) The Role of Anisotropy for the Assembly of Hard Colloidal Nanoparticles
Pablo F. Damasceno, Michael Engel and Sharon C. Glotzer

12:50 PM
(464b) Assembly of Patchy Colloidal Rods
Aayush A. Shah, Benjamin Schultz, Sharon C. Glotzer and Michael J. Solomon

1:10 PM
(464c) Entropically Patchy Particles
Greg van Anders, N. Khalid Ahmed, Ross Smith, Michael Engel and Sharon C. Glotzer

1:30 PM
(464d) Competition of Shape and Interaction Patchiness for Self-Assembling Nanoplates
Xingchen Ye, Jun Chen, Michael Engel, Andres J. Millan, Wenbin Li, Liang Qi, Guozhong Xing, Joshua E. Collins, Cherie R. Kagan, Ju Li, Sharon C. Glotzer and Christopher B. Murray

1:50 PM

2:10 PM
(464f) Capillary Alignment of Long Cylinders On Curved Interfaces
Lu Yao, Marcello Cavallaro Jr., Blake Bleier and Kathleen J. Stebe

2:30 PM
(464g) Assembly of Microparticles On Thin Smectic Films
Mohamed Amine Gharbi, Shu Yang, Randall D. Kamien and Kathleen J. Stebe
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