461 Advances In Critical Materials Research

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 12:30 PM
Union Square 9 (Hilton)
This session solicits papers on all aspects of Critical Materials research, process and technology development, including mining/production, separation processes, recovery/recycle/reuse, substitute materials, and other pertinent subjects. Critical materials are scarce but vitally important elements for the sustainability of the clean energy economy. They are a key component of a variety of electronic, energy, environmental and military devices, such as the magnets in wind turbines, electronics screens and circuits, low energy lighting devices, medical devices (MRI) and many others. These materials include rare earth elements, platinum based metals, and other critical elements with unique magnetic, catalytic or optical characteristics. The supply, and hence the price, of these critical materials is currently prone to international manipulations. Tremendous R&D efforts and initiatives can increase US supply of critical materials, decrease the US demand and enhance the sustainability of US clean energy economy. Speakers are sought from the academia, research establishments, industries and national laboratories. Presentations on fundamental research, processing technologies for the extraction, production, recycling, reuse, substitutes for Critical Materials, supply chain and sustainability issues are welcome.

Research and New Technology Committee
Separations Division (02), Electronics and Photonics (08E)

Seyi A. Odueyungbo
Email: seyo@chevron.com

Annette A. Johnston
Email: annette.johnston@abbott.com

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12:55 PM
(461b) Research Gaps and Needs: Critical Materials Separations R&D Workshop
Darlene Schuster, Catherine T. Hunt, Kristine Chin and Mamadou Diallo
File available
1:20 PM
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