439 Particle Synthesis and Stabilization

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 AM
Union Square 18 (Hilton)
Particle Synthesis and Stabilization I

Interfacial Phenomena

Lenore Dai
Email: lenore.dai@asu.edu

Peng Jiang
Email: pjiang@che.ufl.edu

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8:35 AM
(439a) Metal Nanoparticle Morphogenesis and Stabilization Mediated By Amphiphilic Polymers
Toshio Sakai, Emmanouil Gkikas, Hermis Iatrou and Paschalis Alexandridis

8:53 AM
(439b) Flow Synthetic Process of Silica@Au Core-Shell Nanoparticles By Using Microreactor
Satoshi Watanabe, Tatsumasa Hiratsuka, Yusuke Asahi, Kazuhiro Mae and Minoru Miyahara

9:11 AM
(439c) Sub 50 Nm Au Nanoclusters With Absorbance Up to 1200 Nm Made By Favoring Kinetically Versus Equilibrium Favored Morphologies
Ameya U. Borwankar, Brian W. Willsey, April Twu, Robert Stover, Jessica Hung, Thomas M. Truskett and Keith P. Johnston
File available
9:47 AM
(439e) Stable Polymer Grafted Iron Oxide Nanoclusters in High Salinity Brine for Transport and Imaging in Subsurface Reservoirs
Zheng Xue, Hitesh G. Bagaria, Bethany Neilson, Andrew Worthen, KiYoul Yoon, Susheela Nayak, Victoria Cheng, JaeHo Lee, Christopher W. Bielawski and Keith Johnston

10:05 AM
(439f) Effects of Water Droplet Size On Polypyrrole Particle Synthesis Using Water in Oil Emulsion System
Atsushi Shono, Kyoko Indo, Hiroshi Nakada, Daisuke Kobayashi, Yuichiro Shimada, Tomoki Takahashi and Katsuto Otake

10:23 AM

10:41 AM
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