395 Poster Session: Fundamentals and Applications of Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 6:00 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton)
This poster session will present the most recent advances in the fundamentals and applications of adsorption and ion exchange.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Krista S. Walton
Email: krista.walton@chbe.gatech.edu

Célio L. Cavalcante Jr.
Email: celio@gpsa.ufc.br

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

File available
(395a) Effect of ETS-10 Modification On Its Dielectric Properties and Microwave Regeneration
Pooya Shariaty, Masoud Jahandar Lashaki, Zaher Hashisho, James Sawada, Steven Kuznicki and Ron Hutcheon

(395aa) Ion-Exchanged Sod-ZMOFs for CO2 Capture Via Adsorption
Baris Demir, Hasan Onur Erdem and M. Göktug Ahunbay

(395ab) Molecular Simulation of Heavy Alkanes Accumulation in Natural Gas Storage Cycles
Sebastiao M. P. Lucena, Victor A. Gomes, Paulo G. M. Mileo, Daniel V. Gonçalves and Pedro F.G. Silvino

(395ac) Free Energy Analysis of Adsorption-Induced Structural Transition in ZIF-8: A Molecular Simulation Study
Shuji Ohsaki, Hideki Tanaka, Daigo Yamamoto, Satoshi Watanabe and Minoru Miyahara
File available
(395ag) Azeotropic Adsorption Equilibrium of Mixed Organic Solvent On FAU Type High Silica Zeolite - Do's Method -
Kazuyuki Chihara, Natsuki Yamada, Taira Tatsuharu, Yusuke Suzuki and Duong D. Do
File available
(395aj) Solvent Recovery of 3 Component PSA Experiments and Influence of Water Vapor
Kazuyuki Chihara, Katsuhira Kawahara, Teruhisa Kato and Jun Kobayashi

(395an) Synthesis and Evaluation of Stable Oxygen-Selective BaO Sorbent for Air Separation
Jong-Ho Park, Taesung Jung, Hee-Tae Beum, Sang Goo Jeon and Woo-Sik Kim

(395aw) Surface Functionalization of Micro and Mesoporous Sorbents For Post-Combustion CO2 Capture
Jiajun He, John To, Christopher T. Lyons, Reza Haghpanah, Brannon Gary, Erik C. Rupp, Zhenan Bao, Daniel Stack and Jennifer Wilcox
File available
(395ba) Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Regeneration of Activated Carbon for Industrial Re-Use
Ikuo Ushiki, Tomohiro Ara, Masaki Ota, Yoshiyuki Sato, Hiroshi Inomata, Yasuyuki Ito, Kazuki Nakano and Shin Nakamura
File available
(395bb) Re-Use Technology for Organic Gas-Removal Filters Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Yasuyuki Ito, Shin Nakamura, Kazuki Nakano, Takahisa Maeno and Hiroshi Inomata

(395bc) Adsorption Characteristics of CO2, N2, CH4 and CO in CB6 Powder and Pellet
Jong-Ho Moon, Hyunuk Kim, Gyoung Tae Jin and Young CHeol Park

(395be) Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria On Cu-Based MOF-Materials
Jens Möllmer, Andreas Möller and Reiner Staudt

(395bf) A New Flexible Cu-Based MOF for Separation of Linear and Branched C4-Hydrocarbons
M. Lange, M. Kobalz, A. Möller, H. Krautscheid and Reiner Staudt

(395f) Annular Moving Bed Adsorber for Upgrading Natural Gas
Rohit Kumar Gupta, R.S. Thakur, Nitin Kaistha and D.P. Rao

(395g) Electrochemical Synthesis of Metal-Organic Framework Based Microseparators
Tom Van Assche, Nicolo' Campagnol, Jan Fransaer and Joeri Denayer
File available
(395j) Adsorption Of Xylene Isomers In MOF UiO-66 By Molecular Simulations
Miguel A. Granato, Vanessa F. D. Martins, Alexandre Ferreira and Alirio E. Rodrigues

(395n) Gas Separation By Adsorption On MIL-53(Al): Natural Gas and Biogas Application
Alexandre Ferreira, Ana M. Ribeiro, Seda Kulaç and Alirio Rodrigues

(395o) New Insights On Sulfidation and Oxidizing Regeneration Reactions of Metal Oxides Used As Sulfur Sorbents
David Chiche, Laure Neveux, Vincent Girard, Delphine Bazer-Bachi, Arnaud Baudot, Javier Perez-Pellitero, Anne-Sophie Gay, Loďc Favergeon, Christophe Geantet and Michčle Pijolat
File available
(395t) Microwave Synthesis and Characterization of MOF-74 (M = Ni, Mg) for Gas Separation
Xiaofei Wu, Zongbi Bao, Bin Yuan, Jun Wang, Yingqiang Sun, Hongmei Luo and Shuguang Deng
File available
(395z) Modeling of Pb (II) Biosorption By Spent Coffee Ground in Fixed Bed Column
N. E. Davila-Guzman, Felipe Cerino, Eduardo Soto, Jose Rene Rangel-Mendez, José A. Loredo and P.E. Diaz-Flores
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