708 Adsorbent Materials: MOFs

Thursday, November 7, 2013: 3:15 PM
Union Square 9 (Hilton)
This session presents the most recent advances in Metal Organic Framework (MOFs) stuctures suitable for use as adsorbent materials.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

T. Grant Glover
Email: glover@southalabama.edu

Krista S. Walton
Email: krista.walton@chbe.gatech.edu

4:35 PM
(708e) Metal-Organic Nanotubes With Molecular Valves
Nicholas McNutt, Christopher Murdock, David Jenkins and David Keffer

5:15 PM
(708g) Enhanced Growth of Metal Organic Frameworks On Polymer Fiber Mats Using Atomic Layer Deposition
Junjie Zhao, Mark D. Losego, Paul C. Lemaire Sr., Bo Gong, Trent M. Blevins, Christopher J. Oldham, Philip S. Williams, Howard J. Walls, Sarah D. Shepherd, Gregory W. Peterson and Gregory N. Parsons

5:35 PM
(708h) Systematic Investigation of the Influence of Metal Sites On Water Stability and Carbon Monoxide Adsorption
Katrina A Stults, Christine Flemming, Paul M. Schoenecker, Gregory Cmarik and Krista S. Walton
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