662 Characterization of Adsorbent Materials I

Thursday, November 7, 2013: 12:30 PM
Union Square 4 (Hilton)
This session is focused on the advances in experimental or theoretical methods of adsorbent characterization.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Matthias Thommes
Email: matthias.thommes@quantachrome.com

Flor R. Siperstein
Email: flor.siperstein@manchester.ac.uk

12:50 PM
(662b) Experimental and Theoretical Comparison of Gas Desorption Energies On Metallic and Semiconducting Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
De-Li Chen, Lynn Mandeltort, Wissam A. Al-Saidi, Milton W. Cole, John T. Yates Jr. and J. Karl Johnson

1:30 PM
(662d) Rapid Characterization Of Porous Materials By Thermal Response Measurements
Matthias Leistner, Wulf Grählert, Frieder Dreisbach and Stefan Kaskel

1:50 PM
(662e) Diffusion of N2 and CO2 in 13X Zeolite From Volumetric Frequency Response Measurements Up to 10 Hz
Mohammad I. Hossain, Armin D. Ebner, Charles E. Holland and James A. Ritter

2:10 PM
(662f) High Capacity Ammonia Adsorption On Functionalized Carbon Materials
Ali Qajar, Maryam Peer, Ramakrishnan Rajagopalan and Henry C. Foley
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