33 Adsorption and Ion Exchange Plenary: Honorary Session for Prof. M. Douglas Levan

Monday, November 4, 2013: 8:30 AM
Union Square 3 and 4 (Hilton)
This plenary comprises invited papers to honor Prof. LeVan's myriad fundamental and process contributions to adsorption over his distinguished career. His service to AIChE and other professional organizations in support of adsorption is also gratefully acknowledged.

Adsorption and Ion Exchange

Roger D. Whitley
Email: whitlerd@airproducts.com

Krista S. Walton
Email: krista.walton@chbe.gatech.edu

8:55 AM
(33b) Rapid Cycling of Pure Gases in a Single Bed PSA Apparatus
Atikur Rahman, Armin D. Ebner, Hanife Erden, Charles E. Holland and James A. Ritter

9:35 AM
(33d) Frequency Response Methods for Mass Transfer Study On Porous Materials
Yu Wang, Pavel Kortunov, Charanjit Paur and Peter I. Ravikovitch

9:55 AM
(33e) Adsorption of Gases for Storage and Separation Purposes
Moisés Bastos-Neto, A. Eurico B. Torres, S. Mardonio P. Lucena, Diana C. S. Azevedo and Célio L. Cavalcante Jr.

10:35 AM
(33g) A New Approach in the Modelling and Characterization of Porous Carbon With Argon and Water
Duong D. Do, Chunyan Fan, Van Nguyen, Yonghong Zeng and David Nicholson
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