368 Mathematical Modeling of Transport Processes

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 3:15 PM
Union Square 16 (Hilton)
This session targets mathematical modeling approaches to solving transport phenomena problems. Both numerical and especially analytical approaches are considered. All areas of transport phenomena are included and generic methods applicable to a range of transport problems are encouraged to apply for presentation.

Transport Processes

Norman W. Loney
Email: loney@adm.njit.edu

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4:00 PM
(368d) Multicomponent Fuel Spray Evaporation in High Pressure Hot Gas Flows
Omid Samimi Abianeh, Chien-Pin Chen and Shankar Mahalingam

4:30 PM
(368f) A Modified Dynamic Method for Measuring kLa
Andrew Damiani, Min Hea Kim, Meng Liang and Jin Wang
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