315 Microfluidic and Microscale Flows: Particle and Droplet Manipulation

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 12:30 PM
Continental 6 (Hilton)
This session of contributed talks will focus on microhydrodynamic phenomena in the low-Reynolds number regime. Topics will include studies of flow, particle manipulation, and heat and mass transfer in microfluidic devices.

Fluid Mechanics

Hang Lu
Email: hang.lu@gatech.edu

Kevin D. Dorfman
Email: dorfman@umn.edu

12:30 PM
(315a) Gas Dissolution in Microscale Segmented Gas-Liquid Flow
Milad Abolhasani, Eugenia Kumacheva and Axel Guenther

1:00 PM
(315c) Confined Droplets At T-Junctions
Duong A. Hoang, Volkert van Steijn, Luis M. Portela, Chris R. Kleijn and Michiel Kreutzer

1:30 PM

2:00 PM
(315g) Self-Organizing Microfluidic Crystals
William E. Uspal, H. Burak Eral and Patrick S. Doyle

2:15 PM
(315h) Coalescing Drops in Microfluidic Parking Networks: A Multifunctional Platform for Drop-Based Microfluidics
Swastika S. Bithi, William S. Wang, Meng Sun, Jerzy Blawzdziewicz and Siva A. Vanapalli
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