124 In Honor of Gary Leal’s 70th Birthday

Monday, November 4, 2013: 12:30 PM
Continental 6 (Hilton)
This session consists of contributed presentations in recognition of the accomplishments of Gary Leal and in celebration of his 70th birthday.

Fluid Mechanics

Howard A. Stone
Email: hastone@princeton.edu

Gerald G. Fuller
Email: ggf@stanford.edu

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1:10 PM

1:45 PM
(124e) Dilute Rigid Dumbbell Suspensions In Large-Amplitude Oscillatory Shear FLOW: Shear Stress Response
R. Byron Bird, A. Jeffrey Giacomin, Chuanchom Aumnate and Andrew M. Schmalzer

2:00 PM
(124f) Measuring the Full Three-Dimensional, Nonequilibrium Microstructure of Complex Fluids Under Steady and Time-Dependent Shear, Including Laos, Using Spatial and Time-Resolved Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
Norman J. Wagner, Paul Butler, Aaron P. R. Eberle, A. Kate Gurnon, Matthew E. Helgeson, Matthew W. Liberatore, Carlos R. López-Barrón and Lionel Porcar

2:30 PM
(124h) Effect of Cholesterol Nanodomains On Monolayer Morphology and Dynamics
KyuHan Kim, SiYoung Q. Choi, Todd M. Squires and Joseph A. Zasadzinski

2:45 PM
(124i) Blood Flow in Cortical Microvessels
T.P. Santisakultarm, Nozomi Nishimura, Gregory Farber, William L. Olbricht and Chris Schaffer
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