264 Particle Breakage and Comminution Processes

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 8:30 AM
Golden Gate 7 (Hilton)
This session solicits papers in all aspects of particle size reduction, breakage and/or fragmentation, either in milling, processing or as a result of transport. Both experimental and computational papers are welcomed, as well as modeling of all types including DEM and population balance approaches.

Particle Production and Characterization

Priscilla J. Hill
Email: phill@che.msstate.edu

Ecevit Bilgili
Email: bilgece@adm.njit.edu

- indicates paper has an Extended Abstract file available on CD.

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8:48 AM
(264b) Computational Study of Needle-Shaped Particle Breakage Under the Agitation By Rotating Blades
Yu Guo, Carl Wassgren, William R. Ketterhagen, Bruno C. Hancock and Jennifer Sinclair Curtis

9:06 AM
(264c) Modeling the Breakage of Crystalline Materials in Air Jet Mills
Derek Starkey, John Mecholsky, Ron Iacocca, Kevin Powers and Spyros Svoronos
File available
9:24 AM
(264d) Fundamental Studies of Comminution
George Harriott, Timothy E. Boland, Shiying Zheng, Ravish Malik and Jon Trembley

9:42 AM
(264e) Fragmentation and Bounce of Nanosized Agglomerates Due to the Impaction
Mika Ihalainen, Terttaliisa Lind, Tiina Torvela, Jarno Ruusunen, Anna Lähde, Petri Tiitta and Jorma Jokiniemi
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