450 Solid-Fluid Separations in Oil & Gas Production and Refining Processes

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 AM
Union Square 8 (Hilton)
The session solicits papers on solid-fluid separation theories, applications and technologies. The session will focus on Separation systems used in oil and gas production, midstream operation, and downstream refining processes. Some examples of these processes are: Shale-gas production, shale oil production, hydraulic fracturing, produced water management, produced solids management, heavy oil processing, multiphase (gas/oil/water/solids) separation, desalination, centrifugation, filtration, sedimentation, drilling mud management, novel separation techniques, advanced separation materials. Heavy oil-catalyst slurry deoiling, Fischer-Tropsch catalyst-wax separation, coker catalyst fines removal, hot gas cleaning, synthetic lube product upgrading, hydroprocessing, dewaxing, resid upgrading, asphaltene conversion, and allied studies are also of interest.

Fluid-Particle Separations
Fuels and Petrochemicals Division (16)

Isaac K. Gamwo
Email: Gamwo@netl.doe.gov

Seyi A. Odueyungbo
Email: seyo@chevron.com

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(450c) A Case Study Of Debottlenecking Strides In A Petrochemical Plant
Chike Okechukwu, Bal Shrivastava and Emmanuel A. Dada

9:45 AM
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