278 Thermodynamics and Transport Under Pressure

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 8:30 AM
Union Square 16 (Hilton)
Thermodynamics and transport at high pressure are important in supercritical fluid applications, biorefining pretreatments, hydrates, and energy production generally, to name a few. Papers in this session explore theoretical and experimental developments to advance these applications.

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties
High Pressure (01F)

Sapna Sarupria
Email: ssarupr@clemson.edu

Nese Orbey
Email: nese_orbey@uml.edu

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8:51 AM
(278b) Phase Behavior of a Five-Component Model Gas Condensate
Alireza Shariati, Eugene Straver, Louw J. Florusse and Cor J. Peters

9:33 AM
(278d) Evaluation of Predictive Models for High-Pressure Natural Gas Viscosity
René D. Elms, Mert Atilhan, Santiago Aparicio, Carl Fitz and Mahmoud El-Halwagi
File available
9:54 AM
(278e) Experimental Measurements and Modeling of Viscosity for Liquid Hydrocarbons At Pressures Up to 243 Mpa and Temperatures Up to 534 K
Hseen Baled, Dazun Xing, Robert M. Enick, Isaac K. Gamwo, Deepak Tapriyal, Babatunde Bamgbade, Yue Wu and Mark McHugh

10:15 AM
(278f) Accurate Viscosity Modeling of CO2-Hydrocarbon Mixtures
Ricardo Macias-Salinas, Marco Aquino-Olivos and Fernando García-Sánchez
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