222 Poster Session: Thermodynamics and Transport Properties (Area 1A)

Monday, November 4, 2013: 6:00 PM
Grand Ballroom B (Hilton)
Area 1a Poster Session. Contributions in all areas of thermodynamics and transport properties are welcome. Posters can include equations of state, simulations, experiments, and/or theories. Many posters will likely discuss thermodynamics and phase behavior, since slots in those sessions are limited compared to the high demand.

Thermodynamics and Transport Properties

Jindal K Shah
Email: jshah@nd.edu

Neeraj Rai
Email: neerajrai@che.msstate.edu

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(222a) Phase Equilibrium Properties of Ternary Mixtures Containing 1-Butanol (or 2-Butanol), Cyclohexane and Methylbenzene At 313.15 K
Latifa Negadi, Aouicha Belabbaci, Rosa M. Villamañan, Chahrazed Ghezouali and Miguel A. Villamañan

(222af) Experimental and Modeling Study of the Phase Behavior of CO2-Hydrocabon-Water Mixtures
Saif Al Ghafri, Geoffrey Maitland, J. P. Martin Trusler, Amparo Galindo and Esther Forte

(222ag) Modelling Electrolyte Solutions Using the SAFT-VRE Mie Equation of State
Simon Dufal, Jens M. A. Schreckenberg, Claire S. Adjiman, Andrew J. Haslam, George Jackson and Amparo Galindo

(222ah) Comprehensive Thermophysical Model Development for CO2 Pipeline Transport
Ioannis G. Economou, Nikolaos I. Diamantonis, Georgios C. Boulougouris and Dimitrios M. Tsangaris

(222as) SAFT-γ Mie Group Contribution Approach for Branched and Cyclic Molecules
Alexandros Chremos, Vasileios Papaioannou, Amparo Galindo, George Jackson and Claire S. Adjiman

(222aw) Vapor Pressures of Supercooled Liquid Water in No-Man's Land
Eugene Choi, Rambert Nahm, James R. Engstrom and Abraham D. Stroock

(222bc) Modeling Speciation in Nitric Acid Solutions Using the Binding Mean Spherical Approximation
Stepan Hlushak, Jean-Pierre Simonin, Stéphanie De Sio, Olivier Bernard, Alexandre Ruas, Patrick Pochon, Steve Jan and Philippe Moisy

(222be) Are Ionic Liquids An Alternative for Gas Sweetening?
Maria T. Mota Martinez, Abdallah S. Berrouk, Maaike C. Kroon and Cor J. Peters

(222bf) Volume-Translated Peng-Robinson Equation of State for Liquid Densities of Diverse Binary Mixtures
Agelia M. Abudour, Sayeed A. Mohammad, Robert L. Robinson Jr. and Khaled A. M. Gasem

(222bh) Oxy-Fuel Combustion Optical Flame Analysis and Characterization
Casey S. Carney, Rigel Woodside, Thomas Ochs, Stephen J. Gerdemann and Danylo Oryshchyn
File available
(222f) An Estimation Method for the Boyle Temperature
Karsten Müller, Katheesan Lingeswaran and Wolfgang Arlt

(222i) Density and Viscosity Study of the Binary System 2,5-Dimethylfuran and Decane
Abel Zuniga-Moreno, Octavio Elizalde-Solis, Ernesto Garcia-Cisneros, Gamaliel Varela-Rico and Alejandro Rosas-Ortega

(222j) Mathematical Model and Validation of Parallel Plate Water Electrolyzers
Ali Estejab, Damilola A. Daramola and Gerardine G. Botte

(222k) Experiment On Superadiabatic Radiant Porous Burner With Augmented Preheating
Hu Wu, Yunjin KIM, Vahid Vandadi, Chanwoo Park, Massoud Kaviany and Oh Chae Kwon

(222o) Effect of Chain Length of Ionic Liquid On the Formation of Methane Hydrate
Che-Kang Chu, Huai-Ying Chin, Po-Chun Chen, Yan-Ping Chen, Shiang-Tai Lin and Li-Jen Chen

(222t) Experimental Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Carbon Dioxide + 1-Propanol + Heptane
Francisco J. Verónico-Sánchez, Octavio Elizalde-Solis and Luis A. Galicia-Luna

(222v) Simulating Nanoscale Thermal Transport in Nanoscale Systems
Sesha Hari Vemuri, Pil Seung Chung, Sejoon Park and Myung S. Jhon

(222z) Experimental Determination of Hydrate Formation Systems CO2 + H2O and CO2 + H2O + n-Heptane
Rubén P. Mendo-Sánchez, Luis A. Galicia-Luna and Amir H. Mohammadi
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