313 Membranes for Bioseparations

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 12:30 PM
Union Square 5 and 6 (Hilton)
This session will concentrate on the theoretical principles and practical considerations that underlie the use of membranes in the downstream processing of biopharmaceutical products (e.g. microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, virus filtration, and membrane chromatography). Papers describing advances in membrane processes, new membrane materials and applications, and case studies of membrane systems in the biopharmaceutical industry are sought.

Bio Separations
Membrane-Based Separations (02D)

Saurav Datta
Email: saurav_datta@yahoo.com

Scott M. Husson
Email: shusson@clemson.edu

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12:48 PM
(313b) Ultrafiltration Optimization Via Experimental Design
Arjun Bhadouria, Mirco Sorci, Minghao Gu, Georges Belfort and Juergen Hahn

1:06 PM
(313c) Protein Fouling in Hollow Fiber Membranes
Achyuta Teella, Andrew L. Zydney, Hongyi Zhou, Cathryn Olsen, Matt Misner, Louisa Car and Patrick McCloskey

1:42 PM
(313e) Membrane-Based Hybrid Method for Purifying Pegylated Proteins
Shing Fung Lam, Xiaojiao Shang and Raja Ghosh

2:18 PM
(313g) High Affinity Membrane Adsorbers for Protein Purification
Zizhao Liu, Xianghong Qian and S. Ranil Wickramasinghe

2:36 PM
(313h) Scale Up of Membrane Affinity Chromatography Processes
Cristiana Boi, Simone Dimartino and Giulio C. Sarti
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